The Best 10 Baby Trikes: From Balance to Pedal

From Balance to Pedal: The Best 10 Baby Trikes On The Market for Your 1 Year Old 

It’s 2023, and you want to invest in your first kids’ trike. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Baby and toddler trikes are among the most popular toys for children, allowing them to explore the world while having a tremendous amount of fun. With so many baby trikes on the market, knowing the best choice for your budget can be a minefield.

Our team at Dadology will help you make an informed decision by discussing the features to look for in a quality baby trike and the critical elements of each type. By the end of this article, you will have all the information you need to find the perfect kind of trike for your little one and be ready to get out on the open road.

Best Baby Trikes At A Glance

What to Look for in a Baby Trike

The first step in finding the best trike is understanding what to look for when shopping. Are you looking for a folding trike? Or a tricycle stroller? It needs to be a suitable trike for your little one and you (if you can ride it around, too, that’s a bonus).

For toddlers, an essential feature you need to look for is a broad base. The wide base keeps the trike steady while your child is on it, preventing them from tipping over and falling. Ideally, you want a broad base at least 12 inches wide, although some high-quality trikes even have bases that are 16 inches wide.

The next thing you need to consider is the seat. Ideally, you want a soft and comfortable chair with a safety belt and safety bar so your child will be happy sitting in it for extended periods. An adjustable seat height which reaches different sizes is also handy, as it provides longevity due to your toddler having inherited your beanpole legs.

Next are the wheels of the trike, which are also important. You want to look for heavy-duty wheels that can handle some weight and move smoothly over any terrain. Grass can be a challenging foe on a trike with average wheels, and you’ll often find it on its side with a screaming toddler running towards you.

Lastly, it would be best if you put some thought into the overall design of the trike. Is the colour appropriate, and will your child enjoy looking at it? Does it have any special features that make it unique and stand out from other models? Does the quality feel good? You can find the best baby trike for your toddler by considering these things.

Types of Trikes

If you are a baby trike novice, you should learn the available types. There are two main types: rear-facing and front-facing; This refers to the placement of the seat. With a rear-facing baby trike, your child will sit in a chair at the rear of the Trike; This is recommended if your child is under one year old, as this is the safest way for them to explore their surroundings.

On the other hand, a front-facing trike has a seat in front of the pedals. This type of trike is more appropriate for older children who can use their legs to help propel the trike forward. It is also important to note that hybrid baby trikes can be used either way; This can help you transition your child from rear-facing to front-facing safely and seamlessly.

What Age Can A Baby Use A Trike?

By around 1 to 2 years, a toddler typically acquires the necessary gross motor skills to begin mastering the art of pedalling a trike. However, it’s essential to remember that children develop at their pace. A trike provides an early opportunity for toddlers to hone their pedalling skills and enjoy the excitement of being on the move.

Is A Trike Better Than A Pram?

Trikes are much more captivating and entertaining for young children than prams. While a pram confines a child to a seated position with limited interaction, a trike offers a sense of independence by enabling them to steer and pedal, even if they are not yet fully grown. This allows them to actively engage with their surroundings and experience the joy of movement in a way that a pram can’t match. 

As children grow and develop, they naturally become more curious and adventurous, and a trike can offer a fun and safe way to satisfy their newfound sense of exploration. In addition, the physical activity involved in pedalling a trike can help promote physical and mental health development.

Is A Trike Worth it?

Trikes provide the perfect opportunity for young children to venture into the cycling world. Whether propelled by parental assistance, leg shuffling, or independent pedalling, these three-wheeled wonders offer older babies, toddlers, and pre-schoolers the exhilaration of whizzing around.

Not only does riding a trike build confidence, but it also fosters the development of gross motor skills and enhances coordination and balance.

As children progress, their hand-eye coordination improves as they learn to steer, and their overall coordination blossoms when they master the art of steering and pedalling simultaneously. Riding a trike strengthens muscles and allows children to burn off excess energy, making it an excellent activity for the great outdoors.

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Trike vs Age

Trike’s age suitability encompasses a broad spectrum, catering to a young age at ten months old; however, most trikes become suitable when the little ones reach their first year of existence.

Between 12 and 24 months, selecting a trike equipped with a push-along toddler bar, secure straps, and a reliable safety belt is a great choice. These features ensure your child remains safe and snugly positioned within the trike, even when encountering unexpected bumps.

Opt for trikes with enclosing sidebars to provide a sense of security. Although pedals are unnecessary at this stage, keep an eye out for footrests, as your child will soon develop an interest in learning how to utilise them.

As your child reaches the age of two and beyond, it is still beneficial to have some parental control, although you may consider a trike model that allows for the removal of the handlebar. This adjustment empowers them to initiate self-propulsion and begin exploring their locomotive capabilities.

Once your child turns three years old, it becomes more suitable to transition to a conventional trike design, complete with handlebars and pedals.

Alternatively, you might explore the possibility of a balance bike-style trike, enabling them to manoeuvre themselves forward using their feet as support on the ground.

The Best Baby Trikes for 1-Year-Olds in 2023


So, the burning question is: Which are the best baby trikes on the market? Let’s look at the pick of the best trikes available in 2023, as our dads at Dadology approved.

best baby trike

Market Leader | No Assembly Required | Dual Steering System | Lightweight | Travel-Friendly | Long-Lasting | Age Suitability 10 + Months

Are you looking for a super-easy way to fold up your child’s trike and take it wherever you go? You need the Liki Baby Trike S5 from DOONA. You can fold up this sleek, urban trike in seconds, and it fits easily in your car’s boot. It also comes ready to ride with no assembly required.

The Liki Baby Trike S5 is the perfect first set of wheels for your toddler. The dual steering system makes it easy for both of you to navigate, while the soft-ride wheels provide a smooth ride for your little one. The UV sun protection canopy keeps your child cool and protected from the sun’s rays when out on those sunny days.

Made with premium materials, the Liki Baby Trike S5 will surely last long into childhood and grow with your toddler.

best baby trike

Parental Steering Control | Ergonomic Handlebars | Rear Storage Bucket | Lightweight | Age Suitability 18+ Months 

Introducing the Smoby Be Move, the perfect baby trike for children aged 15 months to 3 years. This fantastic product boasts a parent-pushing steering handle, making it an ideal choice for adventurous children. As the number one French toy manufacturer, Smoby has crafted an evolutionary baby trike that promises to keep your child entertained no matter where they are.

Regarding safety, the Be Move baby trike doesn’t disappoint. It features a security belt, freewheel configuration, and a handlebar locking system to prevent interference while the parent pushes the bike. The three-wheel system, wide handlebars, and non-slip pedals provide a safe and sturdy anti-tip vehicle for your little one to enjoy all day.

The Smoby Be Move Tricycle uses only high-quality, non-hazardous materials and the latest production methods to create a robust, secure baby trike. The enveloping, adjustable seat provides excellent ergonomic support for your child’s back. With a sleek and modern design, this tricycle will provide endless hours of fun as your child continues to learn and grow. The Smoby Be Move Tricycle is the excellent, simple baby trike you’ve been searching for and is a fab pick for parents.

Best Trikes for 1 year olds

Adjustable Height Settings | 4 Different Modes | Safety Bar | Lightweight | Sunshade | Age Suitability 1+ Years

This versatile baby trike can grow with your child; the Boppi Kids 4-in-1 Kids’ Trike is an excellent choice. It has four adjustable seat height settings so children of different sizes and skill levels can use it. It also has four different modes to be used as a stroller, push bike, learn-to-ride bike, or regular trike.

Safety at the forefront of the design, The Boppi Kids 4-in-1 Trike has a harness and safety bar to keep your child secure during the ride. It’s also lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, making it an excellent choice for the learning-to-ride period. The trike also has a sunshade to protect your child from the sun.

The Boppi Kids 4-in-1 Baby Trike can be used for children up to 4 years old. It has a push bar so parents can accompany their children and help control the ride.


Scuttlebugs are three-wheel ride-on bikes with personality, making them ideal for your 1-year-old. With a charming grasshopper bug face, three legs, and an antennae handlebar, they provide young riders with a delightful sense of fun and freedom.

More than just toys, Scuttlebugs are designed to aid in the development of balance, motor skills, and your child’s coordination. They offer a convenient experience with durable caster wheels, easy manoeuvrability, and a simple 3-click folding system for storage.

Safety is paramount; the sturdy construction supports children over 12 months old up to 20kg. Scuttlebugs make perfect toddler gifts, fostering balance and motor skill challenges excitingly.

best baby trike

Transportable | Adjustable Seat & Handlebars | Simple Steering | Stroller | Upgraded Brakes | Age Suitability: 9+ Months 

If you’re looking for an excellent tricycle for your child, the STR3 Folding Pushchair Trike is a great option. Starting as a pushchair, it can develop into a baby trike as your child ages.

It features a folding design, making it easy to store and transport, and it also has an adjustable seat and handlebars to fit children of different sizes and ages. Once a baby trike, it’s easy to steer and control, making it an excellent choice for that journey to riding solo. Plus, it starts as a stroller and can be turned into a trike, making it versatile and convenient.

Best of all, the brake system has been upgraded for even better performance. So if you’re looking for an exciting and fun way for your child to get around, the STR3 Folding Pushchair Trike is worth considering.

trike for a 1 year old

Foldable Design | Adjustable Seat | Simple Steering | No Assembly Required | Storage Bucket | Age Suitability 2+ Years

The Radio Flyer Fold-to-Go Baby Trike is a healthy option for your child’s first set of wheels. The folding design makes it easy to store and transport, while the adjustable seat ensures it will fit children of different sizes.

The tricycle is easy to steer, so even younger children can feel confident riding it. And on the back, there’s a storage bucket for your little one’s “valuable things.” So get your child started on their cycling journey with the Radio Flyer Fold-to-Go Baby Trike.

trike for a 1 year old

Adjustable Seat | Oversized Wheels | Easy To Control | Good Value | Great First Set Of Wheels | Age Suitability 18+ Months 

Are you looking for your child’s first trike? Look no further than the Homcom Children’s 3-Wheel Baby Trike This trike is perfect for toddlers just starting, with an adjustable seat that can fit children of different sizes and ages.

The three oversized wheels make for easy control and off-road fun, and the trike is one of the best budget options compared to other trikes on the market. So get your little one ready to explore the world and get a lot of use out of their first baby trike.

best baby trikes

4-in-1 Design | Easy Assembly | Durable | Safe | Long Term Trike For 1 Year Old | Lift Seat Function | Age Suitability 1+ Years

If you’re looking for a durable baby trike that can last the rounds, the XJD 4-in-1 Kids Trike is a decent choice. It can be used as a pedal tricycle, toddler tricycle, classical tricycle, and balance bike, which makes it great value for money.

The easy-to-assemble design means you can install the handlebar and seat in minutes, and additional adjustment of the handlebars and lift seat function means it can fit your child as they grow. The trike is made from sturdy carbon steel and has durable, silent wheels suitable for indoor and outdoor riding.

It also features soft handle grips and a comfortable seat, making riding more enjoyable. Plus, safety is guaranteed with the fully enclosed wheel that prevents the baby’s feet from clamping.

best baby trike

Best Wooden Trike | Best Balance Trike | Not A Pedal Trike | Age Suitability 10+ Months 

The TOP BRIGHT Wooden Baby Trike for 1 Year Old is the perfect way to help young children develop their motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and sense of balance. The trike has a classic four-wheel design with two wheels in front and two wider-set wheels in the back for stability and easy turning.

It is smooth and easy to steer with a limited turning radius to prevent rollover, and it is recommended for 1-2-year-olds who can safely sit and control the ride. The trike is made of high-quality wood with no formaldehyde and environmentally friendly water-based paint for safety, which makes it one of the best wooden trikes on the market. It also has rubber front and rear wheels to protect floors and extend the product’s life.

This product provides excellent satisfaction for 1-2-year-olds when they learn to control and navigate their ride and is one of the best wooden trikes currently on the market.

best baby trike

Perfect Starter Baby Trike | Boosts Coordination | Easy-Grip Handlebars | Indoor & Outdoor Use | Easy Assembly

The Giraffe Balance Baby Trike is the perfect starter baby trike for young children. It enhances walking ability and boosts coordination skills in babies and toddlers. It is also one of the best balance trikes for babies, making it a no-brainer. It has easy-to-grip handlebars and a soft, cushioned seat for comfort.

The baby trike can be used indoors and outdoors, making it a versatile option for your child, with the recommended age range is 12 to 24 months, so older babies up to two years can ride it. Plus, the quick and effortless assembly process makes setup a breeze. Finally, the great value of this baby trike makes it an excellent choice for parents on a budget.

Things To Look Out For When Buying A Trike For Your 1 Year Old

When selecting the perfect trike for both you and your child, it is important to consider the following factors:

1. Assembly: Choosing a trike requiring minimal assembly is advantageous, allowing your child to start riding immediately. Additionally, look for trikes that can be easily adjusted as your child grows without needing specific tools.

2. Frame: Opt for a lightweight frame as it makes it easier for your child to lift and for you to carry. Remember, the lighter, the better.

3. Tyres: For rough terrain or grassy areas in your local park, prioritise a trike with grippy wheels and puncture-proof tyres. Larger wheels are ideal for such conditions.

4. Size: Find a trike tailored to your child’s age and developmental stage.

5. Seat: A comfortable and adjustable seat height ensures the trike grows with your child and they get a lot of use.

6. Usage: Consider a folding tricycle if storage space is limited or you need to transport the trike frequently. A trike equipped with a large handle for parental pushing provides added control. The best option for indoor or smooth surface use is a wooden trike.

7. Material: Look for a trike constructed with durable materials, with metal being more robust than plastic.

8. Safety: Prioritise additional safety features such as a safety harness, sun hood, and steering lock. Ensure that the chosen trike meets European safety standards.

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Safety Tips When Using Baby Trikes

Remember a few safety tips when ready to use the baby trike. First, ensure the trike is appropriately assembled and keep any small objects away from children. Get your dad’s tool belt on and read the instructions. A trike that needs to be completed correctly can be very dangerous.

Next, make sure your child is wearing a helmet. You wouldn’t ride a bike without a helmet, so why would you let your child ride a trike without one?

Finally, always ensure your child can reach the pedals and footrest. They can tip over quickly if they need more time to get these parts. By following these tips, you can be sure your child will have a fun and safe experience with the baby trike.

FAQ: Baby Trikes – Exploring the World of Kids’ Trikes

1. What Age Can A Baby Use A Trike?

Kids’ trikes are designed to accommodate different ages, but generally, babies as young as 10 to 12 months can start using trikes with parental guidance. Choosing a trike that offers adjustable features to suit your child’s growth and development is essential.

2. Are Baby Trikes Worth It?

Absolutely! Baby trikes provide a fun and engaging way for your little one to explore their surroundings while developing crucial motor skills. They offer a smooth transition from strollers to independent riding, making outdoor adventures much more enjoyable for parents and kids.

3. Are Trikes Safer Than Two-Wheel Bikes?

Trikes offer added stability compared to traditional two-wheeled pedal bikes, making them a safer option for younger children. With their three-wheel design, kids’ trikes provide a more balanced and controlled riding experience, giving parents peace of mind during playtime.

4. Can A 6-Month-Old Go On A Trike?

It’s generally recommended to wait until your baby reaches 10 to 12 months before introducing them to a trike. However, some transforming trike models with safety features might be suitable for slightly younger babies. Always prioritize safety and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

5. Are Baby Trikes Safe?

Yes, most baby trikes have safety features such as safety harnesses, sturdy construction, and wide bases to ensure stability. However, it’s crucial to supervise your child while they’re using the trike, especially during their initial rides.

6. How Do I Teach My Baby To Ride A Tricycle?

Encouraging your little one to ride a trike is fun and interactive. Start by letting them get comfortable sitting in the driving seat and holding the handlebars. Show them how to use their feet to propel the trike forward. With patience and support, they’ll be cruising around in no time!

7. Does My Baby Need A Helmet On A Trike?

Safety should always be a priority, so your baby must wear a helmet when riding a trike. Choose a helmet designed for little heads and ensure it fits snugly. This sets an excellent example for safety-conscious habits as they grow and transition to pedal bikes later.

Remember, when selecting a baby trike, consider different heights and the current ride preferences of your child. Look for models with unique design that ensures comfort and safety throughout their cycling adventures.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, purchasing a kids’ trike is an excellent way to introduce them to the joys of cycling while providing a safe and stable option for them to learn on. Trikes are easy to control, allowing young children to develop balance and coordination at their own pace. They also provide a fun and engaging way for children to get physical exercise and explore their surroundings.

Additionally, with the added benefits of being adjustable to grow with your child and often coming with features such as a push handle for parents to assist, a trike is an excellent investment for parents looking for a fun, safe, and practical way for their child to learn how to ride.

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Baby Trikes for Your 1 Year Old

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