The 9 Best Baby Monitors in the UK for Peace of Mind

The 9 Best Baby Monitors in the UK for Peace of Mind

As a new parent, nothing is more important than ensuring the safety and well-being of your little one, as well as looking at them 24 hours a day, seven days a week! That’s why having the best baby monitor the UK offers is essential.

The right baby monitor will provide instant peace of mind and allow you to spy on your sleeping child whenever you want.
So, if you’re looking for a baby monitor, this article is for you. We’ll look at the best baby monitors for parents in 2023 in the UK. We’ll cover what features to look for in a baby monitor, the different types on the market currently, and our pick of the best baby monitors out there for parents. Let’s get started.

The 9 Best Baby Monitors in the UK At A Glance

Deciding to bring a little bundle of joy into the world is like signing up for a marathon. However, it differs from the type of marathon that requires you to run through the streets of London. It’s like a lifetime of changing dirty nappies and partaking in sleepless nights. It’s certainly all worth it when you get those little gummy smiles!

While it’s “easy” to keep an eye on your baby when you’re in the same room (define easy), it’s not always possible to be with your little one all the time. That’s where baby monitors come in. Baby monitors are essential for parents who want to keep a beady eye on their children from another room, whether you’re sneaking in a biscuit or two, catching up on the latest episode of Love Island, or need a quick break from the constant chatter of “mama” and “dada.”

Why Is Having The Best Baby Monitor Important?

Let’s be frank: nobody needs a baby monitor. Parents in the 1950s, unfortunately, didn’t have such a high-tech piece of equipment, but they have certainly become a given in this day and age. First, baby monitors allow you to monitor your baby while completing other daily tasks. Things like having multiple young children that require even more attention—the monitor certainly supports you there.

Second, baby monitors’ peace of mind is a game changer. With a baby monitor, you can rest assured that your baby is safe and sound, even when not in the room. Pictures today are so crystal clear; if a bit of dust settles on their cot, you’ll know about it.

Third, baby monitors are great for monitoring your baby’s sleep. With a baby monitor, you can keep track of your baby’s sleep patterns and ensure they are getting the rest they need. Analytical parents find this a godsend, and technology is forever progressing in this area.

Finally, baby monitors offer two-way audio, allowing you to speak and soothe your baby even in another room.

What Features to Look For In a Baby Monitor

When it comes to selecting the best baby monitor, there are a few key features you should keep in mind. The top of the list should be video quality. Make sure to choose a monitor that offers a high-resolution video to save a watchful eye on your little one at all times, capturing every sneeze, giggle, and yawn in stunning detail. A clear view of your baby is essential for your peace of mind.

Just imagine: with a high-resolution monitor, you can spot a single hair out of place on your little one’s head, even from the next room. It’s like having your CCTV for your mini-me. Plus, it’s excellent for embarrassing them with the footage when they’re older.

Ensuring the monitor’s range is also a priority; This will ensure that the monitor works even when you’re in the billiard room in the west wing. Many monitors come with up to 300 metres, so look for one with a similar range.

Other features you look for are night vision, two-way audio, motion sensors, temperature sensors, and smartphone app integration. These features can add an extra layer of security and peace of mind.

The Different Types of Baby Monitors You Can Buy

The different types of baby monitors on the market are endless, so it’s essential to understand them before purchasing.

Audio monitors are the most basic type of baby monitor. They are often the cheapest, allowing you to hear your baby from another room. No screen or video is included with these types of baby monitors.

Video monitors are expensive but provide a clear visual of your baby and great audio.

Movement monitors detect sudden movements from your baby in their cot. They are a great way to ensure your baby is safe and secure.

When monitoring your baby, it’s essential to consider which type of monitor best suits your needs.

Best Baby Monitors in the UK for Parents in 2023

Now that you know what features to look for in a baby monitor, let’s look at the best baby monitors for parents in 2023. But before we start, let’s remember one thing: no matter how high-tech and fancy the baby monitor is, it won’t change the fact that you’ll still be up all night checking on the little tyke.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way let’s dive in and check out the best baby monitors in the UK on the market. These bad boys will have you feeling like a secret agent, keeping tabs on your little one from the comfort of your bed or the pub. So, grab a pint and get ready to spy on your little one in style.

Best Phone-Connected Baby Monitor: Cubo AI Plus Smart Baby Monitor
  • The Cubo Ai baby monitor was co-created by paediatricians; it alerts you in real time if it detects any potential dangers, such as your baby’s face obstructed or lying face down.
  • With 1080p HD night vision, cry detection, danger zone alerts, and more, you will always know when your baby needs you, bringing you peace of mind.
  • Sleep Analytics allows you to easily monitor your baby’s sleep health with statistics and playback of up to 18 hours of event tags.
  • The Cubo AI Plus camera, with three stand options (floor base, crib attachment, and mobile stand), can be transitioned from a baby camera to a toddler camera, suitable for ages 0–5 years.
  • You can connect multiple Cubo Ai cameras to one account and share access with up to seven people.
  • The monitor is CTIA Cybersecurity Certified, protecting your account and data.

The Cubo AI Plus is the ultimate baby monitor you’ve been searching for. With advanced features like movement and crying detection, blanket detection, 1080p video, and clear two-way audio, you can keep a close eye and ear on your little one’s safety and well-being. Sleep analytics and sensor monitoring of temperature and humidity levels add even more value.

Don’t settle for a basic video monitor; The Cubo AI Plus provides top-notch care and peace of mind. 

Best Smart Baby Monitor: Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor
  • The Nanit Pro, a smart baby monitor, offers a clear picture and comprehensive view of your baby with 1080p HD video and two-way audio.
  • It includes advanced features such as sleep tracking, breathing motion monitoring, and automatic memory capture to ensure you never miss a moment.
  • The Nanit automatically records special moments and milestones for your baby, allowing you to share them with family and friends.
  • With Breathing Wear, you can monitor your baby’s breathing and receive alerts if needed.
  • The camera offers a bird’s-eye view, 1080p HD night vision, and zoom from anywhere in the world.
  • It will work with any room design, and its floor stand can lean against the wall behind the cot or stand on its own with an attachable third leg. It also comes with cable management to keep the cords out of sight and out of tiny hands.
  • The camera also has sensors to monitor room conditions such as temperature and humidity and has a nightlight to ensure your baby’s comfort.
  • Two-way and 24/7 background audio is available, so you can speak or sing to your baby through the app and listen in even when you’re using other apps or your screen is locked.
  • User permissions control parenting team access.
  • Data is protected and secure with 256-bit symmetric-key encryption and two-factor verification.
  • The camera comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.


When it comes to keeping an eye on your little one, the Nanit Pro is the ultimate guardian angel. This top-of-the-line smart baby monitors not only tracks crying but also sleep patterns, breathing motion, and precious moments easily. While it may come with a premium price tag, the peace of mind and sense of security is worth the investment.

New parents, restless sleepers, and anyone searching for a high-end baby monitor can rest assured that the Nanit Pro is the perfect tool. Please take advantage of this well-designed device that offers excellent value for its price.

Best Baby Monitor for Anxious Parents: Owlet Smart Sock Plus Baby Monitor
  • The Owlet Smart Sock Plus is a baby monitor that tracks your baby’s oxygen level and heart rate, providing you with a better understanding of your child’s needs as they grow.
  • It fits babies and children from 5 to 55 pounds or 0 to 5 years old.
  • It alerts you if readings leave pre-set zones, letting you know when your baby or child needs you.
  • It uses clinically proven pulse oximetry and connects to an app on your smartphone.
  • The base station notifies you with lights and sounds if something needs to be fixed.
  • The battery lasts 16 hours, and you can charge wirelessly using the base station.


Revolutionise your peace of mind as a first-time parent with Owlet’s Smart Sock, a groundbreaking monitoring system that ensures your baby’s well-being with cutting-edge technology. The sock’s innovative design tracks vital information such as oxygen levels, heart rate, and sleep patterns, allowing you to rest easy during naps and overnight.

Its comfortable fit connects easily to the base station and sends real-time data directly to your smartphone. Owlet’s Smart Sock is accurate, reliable, and user-friendly. If you’re a parent looking for extra reassurance for your precious little one, we highly recommend this brilliant baby monitor.

Keep It Simple: BT Digital Audio Baby Monitor 450 Lightshow
  • Experience crystal clear sound without interference.
  • Be alerted visually with sound-sensitive LEDs when your baby cries.
  • The Talk Back feature enables parents to communicate with their babies from a distance.
  • The LCD provides temperature, alerts, and other important information.
  • Customise the ambience with an adjustable nightlight.
  • Has a long indoor range of up to 50 metres and an outdoor range of up to 300 meters.
  • Rest easy with the 2-year manufacturer’s warranty that comes with the product.


The BT 450 Lightshow is not just your ordinary baby monitor. It has a mesmerising light display that will keep your little ones occupied as they drift into dreamland. But that’s not all! The sound quality is top-notch, so you won’t miss a peep from your precious bundle of joy. If you prefer not to hear every sound, the intelligent sound lights will let you know when your baby needs you.

Plus, the temperature display and adjustable night light make it super easy to monitor your nursery. Peace of mind is priceless, precisely what the 450 LightShow baby monitor gives you.

Your baby can enjoy a soothing light show with moons and stars while listening to any of the 18 lullabies.

Best Budget Baby Monitor: VTech VM819 2.8-inch Digital Video Baby Monitor with Adjustable Camera
  • Experience crystal-clear monitoring with the 2.8-inch colour LCD screen on the VTECH parent unit.
  • Soothe your little one with two calming melodies and ambient sounds.
  • Stay connected with the convenient two-way talk-back intercom feature.
  • Ensure your baby’s comfort with the temperature sensor on the parent unit.
  • Enjoy extended use with the long-lasting rechargeable battery, offering up to 19 hours of video streaming.
  • Easily adjust the camera angle for the optimal view.


Are you looking for a baby monitor that won’t break the bank but still does the job? Meet the VTech VM819. This user-friendly device is a no-frills option that makes monitoring your little one easy and stress-free. Plus, with the excellent battery life on the parent unit, you won’t have to worry about charging it constantly. 

While there may be more flashy or feature-packed options, it delivers dependable video and sound quality. And at such a reasonable price, it’s an excellent choice for parents who don’t want to splurge on a high-end monitor. Get peace of mind without spending over the odds with the classic and reliable VTech VM819.

Hello Baby Best baby monitor UK

• Get crystal clear views of your little one day and night with the High-Resolution 3.2-inch Digital Color LCD screen and improved 2.4GHz Wireless Technology
• Experience extra-sharp images, audio and video streaming with Automatic Infrared Night Vision—all securely protected by 100% private connection & no signal drops.
• Make life easier with the added convenience of VOX Mode, which intelligently activates the monitor when sound is detected in the transmitter.
• Baby Monitor Receiver can be paired with up to four cameras—including one camera & monitor in each package.
• Enjoy numerous impressive features such as No Signal Alarming, Low Battery Alarming, 8 Lullabies and Two-Way Talk, so you’ll always stay in touch.

If you’re in the market for the best baby monitors that won’t require an internet connection, the Hello Baby HB32 is an excellent option. Its battery life is impressive, and it boasts video quality that’s better than most. Plus, the sound quality is top-notch. While it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles you’ll find in other monitors, its straightforward design makes it easy to use without any confusion.

It may be more expensive than budget-friendly WiFi options, but it’s still affordable for dedicated baby monitors. While the visuals may not be exceptional compared to what you’re used to on your smart device, they’re undoubtedly acceptable. If you’re looking for the best baby monitors with enough features to get the job done, the Hello Baby HB32 is worth adding to your shortlist of dedicated best baby monitors.

Best WiFi Baby Monitor: VTech RM7767HD Smart 7-Inch Wi-Fi Baby Monitor
  • Enjoy high-quality 1080p HD video for clear and crisp viewing.
  • Access the live video remotely via smartphone and tablet for added convenience.
  • The 7-inch colour LCD screen provides high-definition viewing.
  • The temperature and humidity sensors ensure your baby is comfortable and safe.
  • Motion detection is possible with the onboard recording of video to the camera.
  • The camera has a wide-angle viewing capability of up to 110 degrees for maximum coverage.
  • The remote digital zoom function offers up to 10x zoom for close-up views.
  • Two-way talk is available for local or remote communication with your baby.


Watching over your little one has always been challenging with the Vtech RM7766HD Smart 7-inch Video Baby Monitor. You can capture every moment with the full-HD camera’s adjustable tilt, zoom, and 360° pan. And with temperature, sound, movement, and humidity sensors, you can ensure everything is right for your baby.

Whether in the next room or out on the go, the 7-inch LCD screen on the parent unit or the MyVTech Baby Pro app on your phone lets you keep a watchful eye. Plus, the two-way intercom allows you to talk to your baby, and with a selection of five lullabies and five ambient sounds, you can soothe your little one to sleep. With the Vtech RM7766HD, you never have to miss a moment.

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Experience the perfect blend of convenience and peace of mind with one of the best baby monitors, the Angelcare Ac327 3-in-1 Baby Movement Monitor. With a generous 4.3-inch LCD screen size, you’ll enjoy a crystal-clear view of your child’s room. You will stay connected and never miss a moment with the two-way talk-back function, allowing you to soothe and communicate with your baby from anywhere in the house.

The wireless SensAsure Movement Sensor Pad, now smaller than ever, provides reassurance by monitoring your baby’s movements.

Stay informed about the room temperature, as it’s conveniently displayed on the Parent Unit. Even in the darkest of nights, our infrared night vision ensures that you can always keep a watchful eye on your baby. With the secure 2.4GHz digital transmission, you can have peace of mind knowing that your video feed is protected.

The signal range of up to 250 meters allows you to move freely around your home without losing connection.

Perfect for growing families, you can quickly expand your monitoring capabilities by adding an extra Nursery Unit (sold separately).

With digital zoom and pan, you can look closely at your baby’s precious moments. Plus, the visual and audible TIC function keeps you notified of any activity in the nursery.

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Discover a world of best baby monitoring with the ARENTI Baby Monitor. Equipped with a 5” 720p resolution colour LCD screen size and a 4x magnification function, this monitor provides an incredibly sharp picture with ten times more detail than an ordinary 240p baby monitor.

With VOX mode and low power supply consumption technology, the screen offers up to 7 hours of continuous use or an impressive 11 hours in power-saving mode. Even with the display always off, you can enjoy up to 6.5 days of standby time.

The video baby monitor’s strong transmission capabilities will ensure a stable and wide transmission range of up to 1000ft in barrier-free areas.
Experience lower latency and higher stability for seamless monitoring. Capture and store precious memories easily, thanks to the SD card storage support (up to 256GB, sold separately) and cloud storage.

Record funny videos or take screenshots directly from the monitor or the “ARENTI” App on your cell phone.


In conclusion, finding the best baby monitor is crucial for ensuring your baby’s safety and giving you peace of mind. There are numerous options on the market if you want a wifi or non-wifi monitor, a video or camera, a screen and app, or audio.

We have reviewed the best baby monitors available in the UK for 2023, helping you decide when to choose the right one for your needs. Remember to research and select a monitor that meets your requirements, so you can rest easy knowing your baby is always safe and secure.

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The best baby monitor in the United Kingdom in 2023

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