The Best 7 Baby Activity Walkers of 2023

The Top 7 Activity Walkers of 2023

If there is a moment where you feel like you have to step up your parenting game, it’s almost certainly when they start flirting with being a little walker. It’s a fantastic time as a father to see your little bundle of joy take their first steps and eventually sprint everywhere they go, adding even more anxiety to your everyday life. But how do you get there?

That is where baby activity walkers come in. Below, we will explain why a baby activity walker is essential for every toddler and their journey towards taking those first steps into their walking careers.

The Top 7 Activity Walkers At A Glance

If there is a moment where you feel like you have to step up your parenting game, it’s almost certainly when they start getting their steps in. It’s a fantastic time as a father to see your little bundle of joy take their first steps and eventually sprint everywhere they go, adding even more anxiety to your everyday life. But how do you get there?

That is where a baby activity walker comes in. Below, we will explain why a baby activity walker is essential for every toddler and their journey towards taking those first steps into their walking careers. We will also tell you about the current best baby walkers on the market in 2023.

Encouraging Those First Little Steps

When your little one embarks on their journey of taking those first steps, it is important to avoid rushing them, no matter how exciting it may be. Learning to walk is a process that requires time and patience. There may be a gap of several months between the moment your baby starts standing up and when they can finally walk independently. During this period, you can assist by:

Offering abundant encouragement: Extend a helping hand or provide a supportive aid like a walker, but refrain from forcing them if they are not in the mood.

Encouraging bare feet whenever possible: Allowing their feet to be bare enables them to better sense the floor beneath them, aiding in their balance and coordination.

Ensuring a safe environment:

  1. Survey your home and eliminate any obvious tripping hazards.
  2. Move furniture with sharp edges or cover them to prevent accidents.
  3. Consider placing a soft mat to cushion potential falls.


Introducing activity walkers and push-along toys: Once your child reaches the stage of cruising, these toys can assist in strengthening their little legs and further enhancing their walking abilities.

What Is An Activity Walker?

An activity walker is a development toy to assist your little one in learning to walk. It typically consists of a lightweight, sturdy frame made from wood or firm plastic with wheels on the bottom to allow movement. Attached to the frame are various sensory features, musical features, an activity table and other fun sensory toys for your baby to play with. Many baby activity walkers also feature adjustable height levels to accommodate your little ones as they grow.

These push toys are an effective tool for babies to develop their motor skills, coordination, balance, confidence, and hand-eye coordination. The interactive toys on the activity table part of the walker encourage sensory exploration and stimulate the baby’s sense of touch, vision, and hearing.

Are Activity Walkers Safe?

Despite their utility, it is essential to note that your baby should always be under supervision when using their activity walker. With regular use, activity walkers allow for increased mobility and exploration. Still, the wheels on the bottom can pose a danger if the baby rolls too close to stairs, ledges, or other hazards. Additionally, it is vital to inspect the frame so it is sturdy and reliable to prevent tipping and injuries and promote safe play.

What Are The Benefits Of A Baby Activity Walker?

The design of a baby walker is to keep in mind the growth and development of your mini-me. With regular use, this innovative baby gear has many advantages that can significantly help your baby’s overall development.

Firstly, the best baby walkers can encourage the process of walking (shock), which enables your baby to improve the physical strength in their lower body during those safe play moments. A sturdy walker can help babies move independently and develop their sense of balance and coordination by providing proper support. In turn, it can help in early motor skill development. Enjoy your child strolling across the living room before becoming stuck against the wall and screaming for help.

Secondly, all the best baby walkers offer a refreshing change of scenery to a baby who can only crawl around the same space daily. Baby walkers can keep your kids engaged and hands-on for hours as they move around and explore their surroundings and different settings without your assistance. It can be an exciting playtime for them, and the sensory toys can continue the fun once they get tired and decide to sit down, usually in an obscure place.

Thirdly, baby walkers can brighten up the mood of your grumpy little toddler, leading to better social and emotional development. With an array of colourful and musical toys attached to the activity table on the walker, like piano keys or a small abacus, these can inspire a happy and playful mood, making your life much less stressful and having your kid’s hands touch something else rather than your TV remote.

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What Age Is Best For A Baby Walker?

It can depend. If only parenthood was as easy as ticking off a landmark date and deciding to go out and buy the best baby walker on the market! Once your kids start pulling themselves up on the sofa, daring a few steps to the coffee table and having had several teary falls a day, this is probably the right time to go out and buy your activity baby walker; it could be anytime between 9-14 months.

How to Choose the Best Activity Walker for Your Child

The dads at Dadology can undoubtedly help you with this. We’ve rounded up our dad-approved top 7 best activity walkers of 2023, from traditional wooden, beautifully crafted toys to ones with swivel wheels and built-in music. Check out the pick of the best baby walkers below to find out which is best for you.

Activity walker

The Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Baby Activity Walker is a top choice for babies taking their first steps. This clever walker offers a variety of activities for both sitting and standing play, providing good value and endless fun for your little one.

In sit-and-play mode, your baby can spin the spinner, press the piano keys, and flip through the book pages to begin their Laugh and Learn adventure.

With over 75 musical features, this Fisher-Price baby walker introduces colours, shapes, the ABCs 1, 2, and 3, and more designed to encourage learning and exploration. Smart Stages technology adapts the content to suit your child’s age and stage, so they can continue to learn and grow.

As your baby takes their first steps, the Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Baby Activity Walker is there to help. When pushed, the walker triggers fun music and encouraging phrases, perfect for motivating your little ones as they learn to walk.

The easy-grasp handle and broad base support tots as they find their balance. In addition to supporting gross motor skills, the Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Baby Walker helps babies discover new words and ideas. By pressing buttons for music and phrases, they can learn cause and effect and understand that they can make things happen.

This baby walker also offers sensory-play benefits. Its bright colours, lights, sounds, and engaging movements can help stimulate your baby’s senses and promote their overall development.

activity walker

This wooden baby walker is perfect for your child’s first steps. It is made from high-quality wood and is built to last. It has an easy storage shelf, so your child can take their favourite toys for the ride. The walker also has rubber-rimmed wheels that will provide a smooth ride on any surface and protect your floors from damage.

The Haus Projekt Activity Walker is easy to assemble and has clear instructions.

The walker provides support and stability while still being fun and engaging. Your toddler will love pulling up on the walker and exploring their surroundings. The walker is also great for developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

It is an excellent choice for any family looking for a safe and fun way to help their child learn to walk.

activity walker

Filled with colourful spinning cogs, twisting blocks, and even a learn-to-play xylophone, this Nuby Educational Activity Walker is a beautiful development toy for your little ones as they take the first steps on their walking journey.

The solid wooden frame is responsibly sourced and designed to safely support and encourage their progress, while the handy, easy storage pouch underneath means they can take their favourite toys along for the ride.

With a round rotating mirror, cogs and a small abacus, this walker will surely provide hours of entertainment with its sensory features. This multi-activity wonder is for you and your little one and is an ideal gift for parents and toddlers alike.

Activity Walker

This convertible activity walker has 40+ play features, including songs, sounds, lights, and more, making it an excellent choice for little ones to learn and grow. Your toddler can use it in four ways: seated floor play, cruising, shopping cart, and stroller.

The removable toy panel for floor play includes the following:

  • A wobble plane with a propeller.
  • A click-clack bee.
  • A hot air balloon spinner.
  • Rotating gears.
  • A detachable rattle phone with a baby mirror.


The light-up musical keyboard with shapes and numbers plays five songs, five sound effects, and five piano notes. Your toddler can switch between song mode, piano mode, and sounds, and it also has a volume control switch.

This walker helps encourage balance and mobility, sensory development, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, cause and effect, simple counting, and play.

It has non-skid rear wheels and a speed control switch, and the handle can be adjusted to three heights. 

The walker is 16.3 inches long, 18.5 inches wide, and 18 inches high.

Activity walker


The Tidlo Wooden Activity Walker has exciting and engaging activities, from a spinning cage rattle to a mini abacus to spinning mirrors and matching blocks. It’s decorated in bright colours and nature scene graphics to capture your child’s attention.

For added convenience, there’s even a handy storage tray at the back for your child’s favourite stuffed animal. With the Tidlo Wooden Baby Walker, your child will have hours of fun while developing their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and dexterity.

It’s the perfect way to build confidence by walking and supporting your little one’s growth and development! Assembly is required, but it’s well worth the effort for all the playtime fun that’s in store.

Janod activity walker

Introducing the perfect multi-activity walker for your child’s learning and walking journey – a stunning activity walker with sensory features to define motor skills and musical appreciation. This multifunctional wooden walker is a magical mix of fun and education, from a small abacus to a metal xylophone. Plus, with its invisible and removable brake, you can control the cart’s pace and watch your little one confidently conquers each step.

The Sweet Cocoon collection features a carefully crafted activity walker to ensure both safety for children and peace of mind for parents. With silent wheels and a soft felt mat to cushion any impact, this walker is made of high-quality materials. Modern trends inspire the water-painted pastel colours to support early learning elegantly and gently. 

Let your little ones enjoy hours of playtime while you want peace of mind with the Janod Sweet Cocoon activity walker. 

Measurements: 13.6 inches in length, 14.6 inches in width, and 18.7 inches in height. 

Nukied Activity Walker

If you’re looking for an educational baby walker, look no further than the Nukied Multifunctional Activity Walker! With many activities, including a xylophone, pounding drum, shape sorter, and more, your little one will be entertained while developing critical cognitive skills.

With the added speed control features like a non-slip rubber ring on the tire, you can feel safe knowing they’re supported every step.

This educational activity walker is more than just a tool for walking – it’s a hub for developing a range of essential skills. With various activities centred around stimulating creativity and imagination, kids can build motor and social skills while having fun.

The sturdy triangle structure is also perfect for providing support when they’re taking those all-important first steps. This family favourite isn’t just an excellent tool for your child’s development and makes for an ideal gift and wonderful development toy.

What To Look For In An Activity Walker

Weight: A greater weight contributes to a safer activity walker, making pushing more challenging and reducing the likelihood of tipping over. Wooden push toys, inherently heavier than plastic stand-up walkers, offer enhanced stability. However, it’s worth noting that well-constructed plastic activity walkers can still provide safety as long as they are not made from cheap and thin plastic.

Wheels: Two considerations arise concerning the wheels. Firstly, the material – many wooden walkers incorporate rubber wheels (or at least wooden wheels with a rubber ring) to increase traction. While plastic wheels may occasionally feature a rubber ring, it is less common. Secondly, the wheel size matters – more extensive wheels enhance walker stability and help prevent tipping incidents.

Brakes: Although automatic braking systems are uncommon in these baby walkers, many include a braking mechanism on the axle. This small device adds resistance to the wheels, resulting in deceleration.

Centre of gravity: The placement of the handle about the rear wheels plays a crucial role in the safety of activity walkers. When observing the walker from the side, the handle should be slightly positioned ahead of the rear wheels. This configuration prevents backward tipping since the baby’s exertion should not generate enough force in that direction.

Push wagons often have handles aligned with or behind the rear wheels. Still, their added weight and the ability to carry the additional load in the wagon basket counterbalance any potential issues.

Base size: For push wagon walkers, the size of the base is a critical factor. Taller and narrower bases are more prone to tipping, so opting for a larger and broader base is advisable to enhance stability.

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Are Activity Walkers Good For Development?

An activity walker is designed for standing up or pushing along and is believed to promote a more organic and self-reliant progression of walking abilities. These walkers allow babies to determine when and how they wish to utilise them. With a well-made walker, they offer a sturdy foundation for walking and have the potential to enhance self-assurance.


Choosing your baby’s activity walker is a decision that should not be taken lightly; after all, it will aid in your child’s development, physical strength, and growth. Whether technology-driven bells and whistles are more important to you than practical design or having multi-functionality rank higher on your list than fun prints and patterns, there’s a perfect push toy out there for everyone.

Plus, with designs ranging from sleek and modern to classic and colourful, what’s not to love? So take a deep breath—you’ve got this. Even better, please choose a suitable activity walker so you can see your little one enjoying their latest toy as they learn how to take their first steps.

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