The 5 Best All-Terrain Prams For An Outdoorsy Dad

The 5 Best All-Terrain Prams For An Outdoorsy Dad

Discover the wonders of fatherhood without limiting your adventures to conventional paths and dull streets.

Embrace the freedom of exploring new terrains and indulging in outdoor activities, regardless of the weather, by investing in the best all-terrain pram. 

With an all-terrain pushchair, you can confidently traverse country lanes and stroll through the woods, knowing that your baby is comfortably accommodated and you can enjoy the great outdoors to the fullest.

What Is An All-Terrain Pram?

The ‘best all terrain pram’ or terrain pushchair is a pram that is explicitly built for conquering any terrain, be it smooth tarmac or rough, uneven, and bumpy ground. 

These exceptional prams come with unique features like robust suspension and large puncture-proof tires, making them the perfect option for those residing in the countryside or frequently venturing off-road with their little ones.

With many 3- and 4-wheelers available, specifically designed for navigating rough terrains, the Dads at Dadology meticulously selected the finest options spanning various price ranges and offering various features to cater to your needs.

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What Should You Look Out For On The Best All-Terrain Prams?

The key factors below can significantly impact their performance on the roughest terrain when considering the best all-terrain pram or terrain pushchairs.

Wheel Size 

Opt for a terrain travel system with a larger wheel size for better handling overall on rough terrain. Regular prams often have two larger wheels at the back and two smaller ones at the front. 

However, all-terrain travel systems with large wheels in front and back provide the smoothest ride and most effortless push, even on very rough terrain.

Tyre Type

Air-filled tyres offer the smoothest rides on bumpy grounds, making them an excellent choice for tough all-terrain or jogging strollers. However, they are prone to punctures, so carrying a repair kit is advisable and can be an added hassle. 

Some all-terrain pushchairs now come with foam- or gel-filled tyres, which handle rough terrain well but may add some weight.

Suspension System 

A sound suspension system enhances off-road pushing comfort and ensures a smoother journey for your little one. Look for all-terrain pushchairs that feature adjustable or heavy-duty suspension with shock absorbers.

Number of Wheels

While 4-wheel pushchairs offer stability and often have larger shopping baskets due to their non-narrowing front, 3-wheel models are also a good pick due to being easier to manoeuvre over rougher ground. 

The single steer at the front of 3-wheelers proves advantageous for navigating lumps, bumps, high kerbs, and tree roots.

Weight and Size

Remember that even the best all-terrain prams tend to be heavier and bulkier than standard models. Consider how frequently you’ll need to lift the folded pushchair, such as loading it into a car boot or carrying it upstairs. 

Note that 3-wheelers may have large back wheels, potentially making the pushchair wider.

Weight Capacity

Most of the best all-terrain prams can accommodate children up to 70 lbs. However, it’s essential to know that some models have lower weight limits, typically around 50 lbs. You should always check this.

Remember that the weight capacity includes your child’s weight and any additional items in the prams basket. For instance, if you often use your pram to transport a substantial amount of groceries for a week, exceeding this weight limit is easy. 

So, consider the combined weight of your child and any cargo you might be carrying to ensure you stay within the pram recommended capacity.

5-Point Safety Harness

Almost every all-terrain pram incorporates this feature. While your little one might not be as squirmy as the bog standard baby, the 5-point harness has proven to be a lifesaver on multiple occasions, preventing the baby from accidentally falling out of the pram, especially on bumpy terrain. 


Given the famous unpredictable UK weather, it’s essential to have suitable accessories. For extended walks, a rain cover is undoubtedly indispensable. 

Check if it’s included in the price or if you need to purchase it separately, along with other accessories like a footmuff for winter or a cup holder for your much-needed coffee or water.


If you plan to venture off-road, waterproof fabrics are vital. 3-wheelers, being closer to the ground, are more prone to mud and dampness, so ensure the fabric is water and mud resistant to withstand rough terrain challenges.

Considering these essential factors when selecting the best all-terrain pram or terrain pushchair, you can ensure a comfortable and smooth ride for you and your little one, even on the roughest of terrains.

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Do I Need An All-Terrain Pram?

If you’re an outdoorsy parent with an active lifestyle, then yes, but only the best all-terrain pram; navigating bumpy terrain can be challenging for standard pushchairs or prams, mainly if you reside in rural areas. 

Terrain buggies, also known as jogging strollers, are designed to cater to your adventurous spirit and provide the necessary features to tackle rough terrains easily. 

Unlike regular pushchairs with small front wheels that can get clogged with grass, sticks, and mud hindering their movement, terrain buggies offer a solution to this problem.

On the other hand, if you enjoy country walks or frequent visits to the park with your child, a regular pushchair with reasonable-sized rear wheels should suffice. These pushchairs can handle such terrains well, making them suitable for your needs without compromising functionality.

Pushchairs with small front and rear wheels and limited suspension might struggle with very rough terrains. 

If you plan to venture into more challenging outdoor environments regularly, opting for an all-terrain pram with larger wheels, an enhanced suspension system, and a large basket to accommodate your active lifestyle would be the ideal choice.

Can You Take An All-Terrain Buggy On A Hike?

Terrain buggies excel at navigating trails and off-road terrains, making them an excellent choice for outdoor adventures. However, it’s essential to remain realistic about their limitations.

While even the best all-terrain prams are impressive, they might not handle extremely tough trails. 

For more challenging hiking on small pathways or steep inclines, using a baby carrier for your newborn baby would provide better stability and support.

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Remember that all-terrain prams tend to be heavier, and when you add your child’s weight, pushing them on a bumpy path can be tiring. On the other hand, carrying a baby in a carrier can also be physically demanding.

Therefore, as an outdoorsy parent, you must consider your needs and the terrain you’ll explore. While the best all-terrain prams are excellent for most off-road adventures, having a baby carrier on hand can be a practical alternative when tackling more challenging hiking trails or providing extra comfort for your newborn baby.

What Is A Running Buggy?

A running buggy is tailored for parents wanting to maintain an active pace while ensuring their little one enjoys the ride. Running buggies boast a larger frame than standard prams. 

When equipped with a fixed front wheel, suspension, and pneumatic tires, these buggies absorb impacts during your runs.

Admittedly, these specially crafted pushchairs come with a higher price tag. However, they offer the assurance of a smoother, more comfortable ride for your baby when compared to regular prams. 

Notably, they are engineered to complement your running form, making them significantly more comfortable and efficient than a standard buggy. A running buggy ensures you and your baby can enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle together.

When searching for a running buggy, there are several features worth considering. Look for suspension, a large wheel size, a front wheel that can be fixed straight, and an adjustable handlebar height. A handbrake can be helpful, especially in a hilly area.

However, be cautious not to be swayed solely by the model name, as some brands may use terms like “Sport” or “Runner” for buggies that lack the critical features required for running, which can be misleading. 

Please focus on the actual features and functionalities of the running buggy to ensure it meets your needs for an active lifestyle. 

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The 5 Best All-Terrain Prams In The UK In 2023

best all terrain pram

The Ocarro is one of the best all-terrain prams out there, which exudes luxury and style with its high-shine chrome finish.

The handlebar is conveniently adjustable, and the large basket is perfect for carrying all your necessities.

One fantastic option is the 4-piece bundle, which includes the pushchair, carrycot, car seat adapters, and cup holder, making it a versatile terrain travel system combined with a car seat.

While the wheels look fantastic, they can be less smooth due to the tire material. However, the seat is covered in soft, lovely fabrics that perfectly suit your little one’s comfort.

The hood provides excellent coverage and has a zip-open expandable panel and a mesh panel to let in the breeze on warmer days. The harness is comfortable and easy to use, ensuring a secure fit for your little one.

The seat design is unique, with a hinged plastic-shelled seat that can fold in half for a tidy fold. It can also be placed in either direction, allowing significant interaction with your child.

The Ocarro’s shining feature is undoubtedly its fold. It transforms from a full-sized pushchair to a compact and sleek package, making it easy to store in small spaces and transport in the car.

Overall, the Ocarro is one of the best all-terrain prams currently available. It offers a bright, luxurious look with great functionality and practicality, making it a joy for any active dad and little one.

best all terrain prams

The Bugaboo Fox 3 is the perfect companion for all terrains, thanks to its large puncture-proof wheels, central-joint suspension system, and featherlight feel that effortlessly absorbs bumps on roads and paths.

The pram’s durable, water-repellent materials and metal frame provide a premium touch, all while maintaining a lightweight of just 9.5kg.

The super-lightweight main ergonomic seat features an improved quick-click harness, soft-touch water-repellent fabrics, and an extendable sun canopy.

The Bugaboo Fox 3 delivers exceptional performance with a seamless design that eliminates irritating straps and sticky latches. It glides smoothly whether you’re strolling on pavements or exploring parks.

While the one-piece fold design is convenient, fitting it into a car may require separating the pram seat, but the ease of use during daily activities compensates for this.

This pram offers an excellent and comfortable ride on various terrains, making it an ideal choice for long walks. The only minor drawback is the under-seat basket, which could be larger but still accommodates essential items like a bag, jacket, and baby carrier.

Overall, the Bugaboo Fox 3 impresses with its stylish and lightweight design, providing a pleasant manoeuvring experience.

It may not be the most compact option for city use, but for outdoor, all-terrain walks, it shines as a premium-quality, well-thought-out all-terrain pram that will easily accompany your child from newborn to toddlerhood.

best all terrain pram

The Nuna DEMI Grow all-terrain pram offers an impressive array of 23 configurations, making it versatile for various needs.

The upper seat can face towards the parent or outwards, providing the perfect option for both preferences.

The one-hand, 3-position reclining seat is a game-changer, especially during long weekend adventures when nap time comes around.

It provides a comfortable spot for your little one to rest; and fall asleep, giving your back a much-needed break from using a baby carrier.

The all-terrain pram accommodates children from 6 months up to 50 pounds, which is fantastic for toddlers, being toddlers sometimes want to take a break and rest their legs during your nature walks or long strolls.

The fact that it stands when folded is a small but essential feature, saving you from having to lay it on the ground in inconvenient places. It’s also easy to store when not in use.

With its customisable dual suspension, the Nuna DEMI Grow excels in versatility, allowing seamless transitions between rough, bumpy, smooth surfaces. It can be used on nature walks, at the grocery store, and even at the mall, and it performs exceptionally well in all settings.

The all-terrain pram’s sleek and sophisticated design gives it a high-quality look and feel. Nuna has put a lot of thought into its functionality. There’s ample in the large basket for your dad’s stuff during nature walks.

The oversized, removable, extendable, and protective UPF 50+ canopy is vital due to unwanted sun exposure. It provides ample shade during walks.

Overall, the Nuna DEMI Grow all-terrain pram is a top-notch choice that keeps kids comfortable and happy during those active outings.

best all terrain pram

The UPPAbaby Vista V2 is one of the best all-terrain pushchairs, surpassing even the fantastic 2019 UPPAbaby Vista.

As a single pushchair, it checks all the boxes, a great wheel size, a spacious seat unit, a huge basket, and an easy folding mechanism – all of which make it a dream for dads and parents alike.

The best part is that the Vista V2 can adapt to your family’s growth, transforming effortlessly into a single, double, or even triple pushchair, providing unbeatable value for money.

UPPAbaby has truly outdone itself with the improvements made in the 2020 Vista V2.

The newly designed wheels with soft PU material offer a smooth and gentle ride for the baby, efficiently handling various terrains – grass, park paths, pavements, or supermarket aisles.

The front wheels swivel effortlessly, and the VISTA V2 feels incredibly lightweight to push, even in double configurations or with the addition of a PiggyBack Board.

Locking the front wheels in a fixed position provides extra stability on rougher ground. The green indicators on the front wheels add a practical touch to show the wheel’s position at a glance.

The shock-absorbing suspension offers a gentle and subtle spring, providing maximum comfort for your little one.

The brake is conveniently operated with a large pedal, ensuring easy engagement and disengagement, even in double configurations. No fumbling around with your feet here.

The basket on the VISTA V2 is one of the largest available, with handy storage pockets and a spring-loaded back for easy access. You’ll always have space with this pushchair!

The extendable handlebar is perfect for various adults to use comfortably, with a range from 100cm to 108cm. It is covered in premium, full-grain leather and provides extra grip for a pleasant pushing experience.

Overall, the UPPAbaby Vista V2 is a top-notch all-terrain pram with many excellent features that will delight parents and keep your little one comfortable throughout your adventures.

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The Bugaboo Donkey is an exceptional all-terrain pram that impresses in every way. In the mono configuration, the seat is positioned next to a narrow basket, resulting in a manageable overall width of 60 cm.

While the ample storage space is valued, the Donkey is satisfied with its large basket under the seat, and the side basket serves multiple purposes, from storing children’s toys to becoming a convenient supermarket basket replacement.

The width poses no issue as the front wheels are remarkably responsive, making it easy to navigate door frames and tight corners with just one hand on the steering. This pushchair offers excellent manoeuvrability.

The Bugaboo Donkey is a brilliant choice that exceeds expectations, and its exceptional build quality and engineering make it a top-notch pushchair.

Whether you have one child or plan for more, the Donkey will quickly meet and exceed your needs.


The best all-terrain prams are an absolute game-changer for the outdoorsy parent in the UK.

With their robust design, durable materials, and advanced suspension systems, these prams effortlessly navigate challenging terrains, making outdoor adventures with your little one fun and fast-paced.

 Whether it’s a weekend hike in the countryside, a stroll through a sandy beach, or even a snowy escapade, the best all-terrain pram ensures you and your child can explore the great outdoors without any limitations. 

Embracing versatility, comfort, and safety, the best all-terrain pram becomes the ultimate companion for the active and adventurous parent, allowing you to forge lasting memories together while enjoying the beauty of nature. 

So, if you’re an outdoors enthusiast seeking a reliable and sturdy companion for your parenting journey, look no further than the best all-terrain pram.

It promises to be a reliable and indispensable tool, enabling you to create cherished moments with your child amidst the splendour of the great outdoors.

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