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About Us

Direct Light-hearted Advice For Dads.

Real-life advice, sense, and nonsense from someone who is currently there, doing it, and wearing the slightly tight, chundered-on t-shirt.

From the moments of sheer majestic ecstasy to those mornings where you’re dragging your broken, sleep-deprived body to the office, just to get away from it all, being a dad is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

But what—apart from the blatantly obvious, which probably still isn’t obvious to you—do you need to do to get there? What happens along the way? And when it inevitably happens, what the hell do you do?

We’ve got your back by documenting real-life experiences. No boring how-to theories, but reality—funny, practical reality.

This website is dedicated to telling it like it is. No sugar coating, no nonsense, but with a light-hearted sprinkle of humour so we can at least have a laugh along the way because if we don’t laugh, we will probably cry.